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George Garth Graham

With more and more kinds of historical documents becoming available online, there is a need for students to learn the skills, methods, and philosophies of digital history and digital humanities research. This research fellowship provides for one student to work with faculty in the department of history on digital history, whether that means learning to build apps, digitizing resources, writing history on the web, data mining ‘big data’, and reflecting on what this process does to our sense of what history is about. In years to come we will grow the fund to enable up to three students to hold the fellowship concurrently.

Students who hold this Fellowship will be given their own webspace via Reclaim Hosting and will be required to blog weekly about their research during their tenure as Fellows.


  • Enrolled in the history program at Carleton University;
  • successful completion of History 2809: The Historian’s Craft;
  • a GPA suitable to the student’s standing and maturation as a scholar.

Duration and value:

The Fellowship will require approximately 4 hrs / wk over a 12 week term. The value of the award will be $750.

What you will learn, and what you will do:

You do not need to be technology-savvy in order to apply for or hold this Fellowship; the whole point is to help you develop your digital skills by working on real research. Dr. Graham will work one-on-one with you to develop your skills appropriate to your research project in an initial ‘development phase’. You will then work in conjunction with Dr. Graham or another a faculty member in the History Department on a research project, applying your skills.

Potential projects that Dr. Graham is currently working on that the Fellow might explore  include data mining and visualization of patterns within a corpus of materials related to the illicit trade in illegal antiquities. Other projects could involve the 3d visualization of material culture as part of an online exhibition framework. If you have an idea in mind, talk with Dr. Graham as soon as possible.


To apply, please fill out the form on the ‘apply‘ page. The successful applicant will be contacted directly by Dr. Graham.

For more information

Students may contact Dr. Graham directly for more information at

shawn [dot] graham [at] carleton [dot] ca .

613.520.2600 x2842

If you or your organization is interested in supporting the work of this Fellowship, please feel free to get in touch.

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