Kathryn Greenan – Fall 2015 Fall

Kathryn Greenan is the Fall 2015 Fellow! What struck me about Kathryn’s application was how, in her academic journey, she has embodied one of the key aspects of digital humanities work – the idea that we learn from what hasn’t worked, that we do it in public (Kathryn blogged her experience), and that we use that experience to reorient ourselves and try again. I call this ‘failing gloriously’, but of course, there is no failure here: just learning!

Kathryn blogged her initial encounter with ‘serious’ digital history on her course blog ‘Complex by Degree‘. Now, as a Fellow, she writes,

My ideal project would be to expand upon the latter portion of Pickering’s work regarding the acceptance of using ‘alternative’ platforms for teaching and learning history, particularly in regards to the use of augmented or virtual reality. With our society and lives becoming even more entangled with technology – and the advent of products like Google Glass and Oculus Rift; both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) respectively are on the cusp of becoming more commonplace in the world. With this, so too do the implications of these technologies on education need to be considered. I am interested in working on how this sort of technology can be used to teach and learn history at all levels: what the capabilities are, how to explore and make ‘good’ history, and what weaknesses these platforms present are just a few of the questions I have in mind to explore at this point.

I’m pleased to have this opportunity to work with Kathryn this fall.

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